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How to Easily Hire a Man with a Van Service  

There is a difference between moving services and ‘man and van’ services. While moving services involve moving large and bulky items long distances, ‘man and van’ services are usually within the city. A man with a van will help you move items such as office equipment, home appliances or shopping orders. These vans are also used by sellers to deliver items to their buyers. How do you determine the best man with a van service? You can find out more at

Ask friends, but do research

Friends, family members, and colleagues can help you find the best services. However, let their suggestions be a guide to your search. From their list of options, do your research based on your moving needs. The Internet is a great resource to find available companies in Cheltenham. With a few searches, you can list several providers operating in Cheltenham.

Check on legitimacy

The next thing is to make sure that you are hiring a legitimate ‘man and van’ service provider. There are lots of scams online claiming to offer such services. One mistake most people make is to hire services without confirming the existence of the company. Before you hire a service, go through the website to determine its physical location, address, and legitimacy. If you are suspicious of any details, avoid the company. However, there are lots of trustworthy companies operating encrypted websites where you can hire and pay for the services.


There are hundreds of ‘man and van’ services. While competition is good, most of the newer companies may lack the skills and expertise to offer quality service. A large and well-established company will no doubt be the best to move your items. These professionals will guarantee safety by carefully handling your items.

Type of van

Moving vans are available in different sizes. The right van size depends on the size of your items. It is economical to choose a van that perfectly accommodates your load of items.


The other factor is the hiring cost. Although the company determines the cost of hiring their services, you can find affordable services by comparing several quotes. However, be careful not to be enticed by unreasonably low prices. Some scammers will claim to offer quality service at lower prices to extort money from potential clients.

Check on response

‘Man and van’ services are usually within the same city. These services are ideal when there is an urgent need to deliver items to the client’s home or office. It is, therefore, vital that you research the company’s response time. You can find this information in the testimonial or review section.

Finally, communicate what you need from the company you want to hire. Do you need packing assistance? It is also ideal to discuss the type and nature of the load. Is it delicate? What is the size? These are some of the details that will help you find the right ‘man and van’ service.