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How to Spruce Up Your House for Sale

Preparing a house for sale is not for the faint of heart. Funny thing is, many sellers live with or ignore the little details about their house. Unfortunately, buyers notice them. If there is something wrong, even a tiny bit of dust collected over the window sill, they will think that the seller hasn’t maintained the place well or the construction quality is poor. So, let us get to some of the tips to make your home look salable to buyers.

Talking about window sill, it is one of the elements in the house prospect buyers are likely to approach to get a glance at the view outside. So, windows and doors need to be cleaned before putting that house on the market. But what a chore that can be! It certainly is, so clear the dust, replace torn draperies and wash blinds. Closet is another area where you might want to pay attention before opening that house for critics. Closets, if they are overfilled with items that ought to be in the garage, can be a big turn-off for prospects. Additionally, full closets make the house look smaller than it is.

If the buyers are stepping right into the living room, then this room should be as attractive as possible. This means clean floor, matching furniture, well-placed curtains and nothing to hide. An area rug placed on a bad patch in the corner of this room may seem harmless, but for the buyers as well as the sale term, it is an irrevocable mistake. You might want to replace the carpet or tiles if they are dirty or damaged, because this is one area which will serve as a mirror image for the rest of the house.

Stairways and hallways shouldn’t be neglected either. Are they safe to walk around? Does the handrail wobble? Maybe the steps need a new coat of paint or rug replaced. An attractive staircase in the center of the house will easily catch a visitor’s eye. And what about the bedrooms? Again, make sure that all are in usable shape. Maybe the rooms need a furniture rearrangement, and if they are small, showing them empty may be a good move. Now, how about the external factors of the house? Check the house boundary for vegetation and moss build-up. For this, you might want to call a moss removal near Vancouver, WA service and have it removed professionally.

Same goes with the kitchen and the bathroom. If the kitchen is dirty up to the point that the buyer is contemplating of total remodeling when he or she should be enjoying the view, it is a red flag. So, make sure to keep every element in the kitchen, such as cabinets, lighting and countertop free of dirt and clutter. Buyers may not want you to update the entire kitchen, but they will not withstand a dirty and smelly one. You will be relieved that the realty agent suggested not to change anything in this room because different buyers may have different plans when it comes to kitchen remodeling.