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5 Affordable Home Decor Item Ideas That Are Trending This Season
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5 Affordable Home Decor Item Ideas That Are Trending This Season

Who doesn’t love a place that speaks out its own story? Not literally! And if you are in the decoration industry, you will know how correct items and decorations can accentuate the beauty of a place. You may have various ideas how you can make a place look livelier. However, a client of yours will never burn a hole in their pocket to decorate their place. So, the next thing that you might offer them is to decorate their venue with affordable home decor items. Check out few trending decor item ideas with which you can easily transform the venue into something more regal and sophisticated on a lower budget.

5 trending and affordable home decor item ideas for any event 1. Light in abundance Addition of ample lights in homes or any venue is the first thing that most people consider when using home decor ideas. It gives the rooms that spacious and breezy feeling. In order to create that restful atmosphere, you can invest in low wattage bulbs. Apart from that, you can use geometrical pattern lanterns or one which resembles an atrium. There are also slender looking chandeliers, hanging votives, candelabras, lamps, and candle stand. These can add that wow factor to the place. 2. Linen collection for plants With proper lightening, addition of greenery can also add charm to your place. Plants in a room make it look more alive. Instead of the expensive flower and plant vases in every corner, you can provide your clients specially designed orchid pots or slender urns in copper or steel which do not cost much. For any events decorations, flower pots can also give a different look adding to the complete room decoration. Many notable furnishing and home decor companies sell pot covers in various designs and colors that too at less prices. 3. Combination of elements and fabric No dining table is complete without a beautiful table top. And if you can add stylish and elegant looking table holders, you are certainly adding finesse to it. Instead of the regular old and boring table mats, you can use burlap or velvet place mats. If there is a narrow table, you can use table runners in different designs and place beautiful obsidian or aluminum finished trophy or vase. The fabrics that are in hype are velvet, denim and linen and definitely burlap. 4. Ample use of glassware To achieve excellence in events decorations, addition of glassware can never go wrong. From flower holder to napkin holder, people can do anything with glassware. In fact, they can use colorful glass votives and hang them at the corridor or the area beside your couch on a tall lamp stand. Other trending glass items include glass globes, garland roles, and glass napkin rings. Whatever may be the occasion, glassware always does justice to your room decoration at an affordable price.

5. Substantial furniture with decor items Apart from the above-stated ideas, here are other decor items that are in vogue. Pilsner glasses in silver velvet finish Aluminum candle stands Bowls, vases, platters in obsidian, gold, silver and in copper These are few simple and affordable home decor item ideas that can grab the visual interest of your clients and their guests, without you crossing over your budget limitation. Although there are a number of wholesale stores in the market from where you can get these items, it is suggested that you look for home decors from online stores. These online decor item selling stores can give you all the trending decorative items at a discounted price.