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Basement Remodeling Trends to Follow In 2019


Before the modern era, people used to consider their basements as a place without any use or purpose and a lot of kids used to consider it a forbidding place of their house. But now, the concept of having a basement is changing rapidly, and many homeowners are showing interest in renovating and remodeling their basements in order to use a large and capacious space for good. Doing so is adding more value to their overall house, and they are now capable of utilizing the space for multiple functions such as an extra bedroom or a place for kids to play.

Some of the basements remodeling trends that you must consider opting for in 2019 are:

  1. Open Concept

In an open concept, the rooms of the entire house are not closed from each other and nor they divided by different walls.  This way, you can get a fence free space so you can go from one room to another more freely. A natural and spread-out nature of the basement is used in this concept in order to make an updated and contemporary style that promotes openness. By choosing this style, you will be able to get a multipurpose space in your house, which will be open up for one another.  If you own a small basement, you can still use this notion to make the most out of an inadequate expanse of real-estate, with this design, you can complement the insight of additional lights and the space that you own while mixing and matching different styles to make a custom-made sanctuary.

  1. Closed Theater Rooms

People who are fond of movies can easily turn their basements in a media room. For this purpose, they can choose from two options, i.e. a closed theater or an open space for the TV. Basement remodeling Rockford IL makes sure you get all the embellishments to have an amazing theater-like experience in your house. You can have enclosed walls, a projection screen for watching your favorite movies, plush seats that can be reclined, floor lighting with good-quality LED lights, and a surround sound system for better sound quality. Having a theater is a much better option than having an open space TV because it is less casual and more fun.

  • Home Spa and Gym

Today, many homeowners are inclined towards the idea of having their own gym or spa in their house. The ideal location, as well as the spacious area, makes a basement an ideal place to set up gym machines. You can also take a further step and practice your own spa by installing all the amazing luxuries that are needed, such as saunas, steam showers, mani-padi areas, and massage booths, etc. To open up a spa or a gym, a basement of any size can be used. If you have a large basement, you can many workout machines at once but even if there is narrow space, you can limit the number of machines but can still enjoy the luxuries from the comfort of your own house.