10 Things You Can Never Forget in Your Kitchen

Yes Ladies! So finally you are out of your kitchen and reading this article! Well, to begin with, kitchen is a place where we spent most of our day in. Starting from the morning regime of having tea till night while drinking water, kitchen is the most important place in the house. As such, it is very important to keep it updated with right stuff and in the right place. So let’s make a cheat code for the ten things which you can never forget in your kitchen: 1. Space: No, we are not talking about the square feet area that your kitchen comprises of instead we mean the open portions that your kitchen holds. So how much open or empty space is available on your platform? Or how are the shelves placed or even the refrigerator? Well, space is an important aspect to be taken care in kitchen. It is abstract in nature hence many times people ignore it. More the open area in kitchen, less cluttered it look and can be easily clean and managed. Further, it provides an organised appeal to the kitchen. 2. Utensils & crockery: So what is your choice of crockery, Borosil or Bone China? Or how many utensils you have in your kitchen? Well, to be precise, it’s always good to stock limited number of utensils which can be used simultaneously. Like you can have 2-3 sizes of cookers, 2 sizes of Kadhai, 3-4 sizes of aluminium bowls, 1-2 fry pans, 4-5 serving or cooking spoons, in big utensils. While 1-2 sets of spoons, spatulas, forks, bowls, plates, cups, glasses etc is sufficient. Further you can always keep some delicate and beautiful crockery sets for special occasions. Remember that the beautiful crockery can organize and brighten your kitchen design at the same time. 3. Light: It is always good to have high natural flow of light through the kitchen window or attached kitchen garden door (lucky if you have one!). Light plays a very important role. Not only it will keep your kitchen lighted but also provide comfort while cooking. Further, if sunlight enters your kitchen, it will remove off all the small bugs or insects that come and sit on waste materials and also kill moisture. So try to find ways to allow natural light enter your kitchen. 4. Electric/Power Equipments: A kitchen is supposed to have all the basic kitchen electrical appliances such as a Refrigerator, an Exhaust fan, Gas stove, Cylinder, Ceiling fan, Lights on minimum 3 walls, Water purifier, Oven/microwave, Mixer or food processor etc. All the devices as mentioned here have their own importance in working and must be essentially placed in the kitchen. Ensure that their places are properly fixed and no appliance touches body of another. Also make sure that the switches are properly turned off when not in use. 5. Vegetables and fruits: Vegetables and fruits play a major role in kitchen. It is the basic answer for, “aaj khane me kya hai?”So always make sure that your kitchen has at least 3-4 different types of vegetables stored daily in fridge or kept out. Also enrich your kitchen with some healthy seasonal fruits like Apples, Mango, Oranges, Pineapple and Grapes etc. Consume it fresh and derive immense benefits out of it. Fruits freshen up your digestive system and provide essential Vitamins & Minerals to your body. So eat healthy and be healthy! 6. Air Flow: Now a day when we look at the modular kitchens, they come with a big chimney attached directly on the stove. Proper air flow and exhaust in a kitchen is a must as it freshens air and keeps kitchen away from any kind of bad odour. Also an open window, exhaust fan or ceiling fan gives way to cooking smoke and widely contributes in keeping the area fresh and also kills stale air. Thus, ensure that your kitchen has a proper air flow and is bit aerated from at least one of the sides. 7. Ready to eat food packets: Cooking in not everyone’s cup of tea. So don’t try to push yourself in cooking when you have no mood to prepare from scratch. Instead, be smart and get some ready to eat food packets. In markets, you can find it in ample. Starting from Paneer to Dal, Rajmah and lot more. Name it and its here! Further, they come with a good shelf life, as such you can store it in fridge for long and use when required. 8. Masala packets and herbs: Starting from flavoursome Garam Masalas to Mint Leaves or herbs like Kadi Patta, Meetha Neem and more are kitchen essentials for cooking and bring the real traditional taste which we wish to bring in our dishes. Ensure that your kitchen is well equipped with such food masalas that will add more and more flavour to your dishes. In market, Pav Bhaji masala, Chole masala, Rajmah masala, Mix veg masala and lot more options are available. Even in non veg, Chicken masala, Keema masala etc is available that is a must have if you cook non vegetarian food items. 9. Daily needs items: Starting from breakfast to evening snacks time, ensure that your kitchen has the basic hunger fulfilment items such as Milk, Cornflakes, Eggs, Butter, Bread, Jam, Noodles like Maggi, Wi Wi, Biscuits, Cookies, and lot more. So majorly keep a stock of food items that can be consumed in no or just a small cooking time. It will make sure that you never stay hungry for long and take a bite when minor hunger pops up. 10. Cooking items: Cereals like Grains, Pulses like Dal viz Moong, Udat, Masoor, Chana etc, Rajmah, Rice, Flour, Sugar, Tea, Salt etc. should be a part of your kitchen. Maintain appropriate stock of it which is not over stocked or under stocked. In fact, to keep up a record of your purchase, you can always order food items online from Shop it daily and keep a track of your purchase. Be it vegetables, fruits, daily need items, ready to eat food packets, masala packets or cooking items; shop it daily is a one point stop for all your daily household and kitchen needs. So from now onwards, when you move to your kitchen try analyzing it once on the scale of these 10 pointers as mentioned above. Make sure your kitchen has all the basic essentials and for any requirement let shop it daily assist you in all means.