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Kitchen Improvements

Searching for a Kitchen renovation design? Look out for the Common Mistakes

Most of our activities at home like cooking, eating, drinking, cleaning, and even socializing is done in the kitchen, and this is why a functional a visually pleasing kitchen is mandatory. Regardless of the design of your kitchen, layout, and organization are the prime components. Ponder over these common mistakes that should be avoided while you choose your kitchen design gold coast.

Triangle Obstruction

Many design professionals mention the stove, sink, and refrigerator as a triangle of the kitchen. As these areas are were the greatest activities take place, so you need to design your kitchen triangle, which has unobstructed access wisely. However, keep in mind that out of the three, the most action is typically held around the sink.

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, the sum of the distance of the triangle should not be greater than 25 feet as the food preparation would become a tiring task or less than 10 feet as people would be stumbling over one another.

Inadequate Counter space

Most frequent kitchen design complaint is to have not enough counter space. To consider that every activity carried out in a kitchen requires a countertop, including the appliances that you permanently allocate to a location on the counter. For further tasks, you need as much as open space possible horizontally. The best way for such an outcome is to add the breakfast bar or the island to an L-shaped kitchen.

Bad Lighting

Any room can afford poor lightings but the kitchen. It is not just because of atmosphere or good design, but proper kitchen lights are needed to work with safety as knives and other sharp kitchen tools are to be used. Focus on adding the lights directly on top of all the working areas. The kitchen should have three kinds of lighting:

  • Task lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • General overall illumination lighting

Choosing the incorrect Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are normally thought of as serving, preparation space and additional storage in the kitchen. Yet you will be surprised to know that kitchen islands waste a lot of your kitchen’s space. Placing the island in a wrong place can be a chaos of the whole design and meddle with your workspace. You can avoid creating bottlenecks by keeping the island 4 feet long and at least 2 feet deep, and it should provide enough space for one to work and move around.

Skipping the Backsplash

When renovating or designing your kitchen, the backsplash generally drops down to the last task or, worse, it gets left out of the whole design. You might think that you are saving up your money, but later, you will have to serve a lot more time and effort.

Consider all the water, grease, and steam that generate in the kitchen daily, and you will know why having the backsplash installed right above the counter and the cooktop is a smarter way to keep the kitchen tidy. It is easier to clean off the grease from the backsplash of metal, plastic, or tile than to paint it entirely.