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How to prepare your lawn in autumn for winter?

The Winter season is just around the corner and the fall is the best time for cleaning up all the mess left from summer. The gardens grow best in the summer but as the season takes a shift towards autumn, things start getting different. In most parts of the world, the winter is an extreme season and the gardens rarely are given attention as everyone is seeking warmth indoors.

Therefore, the best time for preparing your lawn for winter is in the fall. In the days of autumn, you can do all the cleaning up of the lawn, get rid of the dead plants from the summer, clean all the border, paint the fences, clear off the gutters, and a lot more. There are a lot of things that you can do to keep your plants and the whole garden-fresh in winter.

Top 7 tips to keep your lawn alive during winter

The best thing that you can do to favor your lawn, is to call professionals to take care of your lawn and prepare it well for the winter. The Hills District Landscaping can help you in this matter as they have trained professionals and experts who can help clean up the garden and prepare it for the winter.

But if you are looking for some tips that you can follow on your own, then the following are for you as they will help you a lot on the case.

  1. Clean up the greenhouse thoroughly

Most people put all their plants in the greenhouse during the winter as they want to protect them from getting directly exposed to the cold. However, the greenhouse itself needs to be ready to welcome the plants in it. for this purpose, you need to clean all the glass and windows so that therein residual paint or dirt is left. The clearer the windows are, the better they would be able to pass the sunlight to the plants inside.

  1. Clear off all unwanted items

You also need to clear off any unwanted items inside the greenhouse such as empty flower pots because they are going to provide the best accommodation to the bugs which would destroy the plants.

  1. Plant new ones

If you want your winter plants to be ready for the seasons, you need to plant them right now because they will require sufficient time to grow and bloom. Going for the evergreens would be the best idea when you are thinking of which plant to choose for your lawn.

  1. Pay attention to the borders

Next, you should pay attention to the borders, clean them up, and plant perennials in them so that they are clean and clear and are ready to welcome the new season.

  1. Prepare the tools

The lawn maintenance tools and other equipment also need to be checked, cleaned, and made ready. If you have to buy some new stuff for the winter, do it now. If you have to cover up the plants in winter, make all the things ready before the cold starts affecting the plants.