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Moving and Relocating

3 Tips To Make Moving Day Go Smoothly

Big moves often mean big emotions and even bigger responsibilities. The day that you carry everything out of your old home and head to your new one is likely to be busy and a little overwhelming, but keeping these tips in mind will help things to go more smoothly for you.

Infographic Provided By True Friends Moving Company

  1. Hire Movers

The best thing you can do for yourself on moving day is to hire a dependable moving company St Louis MO. The right moving company can make your day run so much more smoothly. The movers will arrive at your house, carefully load the truck, transport everything to your new home, and unload the truck just as carefully. Most of the time, they’ll arrange your furniture for you and can even ensure the right boxes are in the right rooms, making your day a lot less stressful.

  1. Purge Things Before Moving Day

The less you have to move on moving day, the better. That means it’s time to stop carrying around that VCR you’re never going to fix or that pair of skis that you haven’t used since 1995. Before moving day, spend time purging things. Throw out broken items that have no use, donate clothing and other items that you never use anymore, and spend time determining which of your belongings are truly important. Chances are you’re holding on to a lot of things that you don’t need and won’t want to move with you.

  1. Pack a Box or Bag To Open First

What are the most important things that you’ll need as soon as you get to the new house? Pack a box or a bag that holds only those things and keep it on you in the car so that you’ll always know where it is. Some things to consider are items for babies, children, or pets, toilet paper for your new bathroom, and medications that anyone has to take. Remember to include phones, tablets, and chargers as well.

Moving day doesn’t have to be chaos. By packing purging what you can, packing things strategically, and hiring the right people to help you, you can save time, effort, and your sanity.