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How Can You See Bed Bugs?
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How Can You See Bed Bugs?

Can you see bed bugs? Waking up with itchy, red bites on areas of your skin is not a nice experience. Then you begin questioning precisely what caused the problem? A skin complaint, fleas, mosquitoes, BED BUGS?

Such symptoms can have many causes and it can be very hard for a doctor to pin down the exact cause so if you suspect bugs it makes diagnosis a great deal quicker if you can ctually find the culprits! Ok so, the major question is can you see bed bugs? The answer is yes! A mature bug is reddish brown in color and has a flat, oval shaped body and six legs – ideal for squeezing into the tiniest of hiding places! In terms of size an adult will measure an estimated 4 to 5 mm long and 1.5 to 3 mm in width. Regularly the adult bug is compared in appearance and size to an apple seed. A freshly hatched nymph or “baby bed bug” looks like a much smaller version of its parents. You can see immature bugs with the naked eye. They just measure about 1 mm and are translucent. I have heard nymphs likened to poppy seeds in size!

Both the adult and bed bug nymphs “grow” in width after a nice blood dinner. When engorged their usually flat bodies become more “puffed up” and their color changes to red due to the fact that the blood within them is visible. The color only changes to the more typical tan or reddish brown as the meal is digested. Therefore if you notice what resembles a walking blood spot on your bed linen it is most likely a bed bug! Finding and eradicating bug eggs is a vital aspect of any bed bug treatment because an adult female is going to lay eggs at a speed of between 1 to 5 each day that’s up to 500 in her life time. Can you see bed bug eggs? These are often described as looking like grains of rice in shape and color It is possible to see them with no magnification because they measure roughly 1 mm. You will usually discover them “glued” to the surface of a mattress or a headboard. As they developed bed bugs cast their skins a total of 6 times before they develop into sexually mature adults. This process ordinarily takes in the region of 5 weeks. It is quite possible to spot bed bugs skins that have been shed during this process. Basically they look exactly like a bed bug but are in fact transparent, empty skins. If you do discover these when hunting down bed bugs in your home they are a sure sign of an active infestation.