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Benefits of a combi boiler

Upgrading your boiler can be daunting, it needs to meet your requirements as it is a big expense and something that is going to be used frequently.

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On the positive side, if your old boiler needs updating, the savings you can gain from switching to a modern energy efficient A-rated boiler will quickly pay for the replacement. But what is the right boiler for you? Combi boilers are very popular in the UK because there are lots of benefits of the systems, so check out the points below to decide if a combi boiler is right for you.

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Your property

If your property has three bath/shower rooms or less and has reasonably good mains water pressure, a combi boiler should be suitable for you. If you don’t have good mains water pressure it is possible to get a pump to boost the pressure. Unfortunately, combi boilers are not suitable for properties with over five bedrooms.


One of the obvious benefits is the space saved compared to a conventional boiler system. Conventional boilers are larger and require space for hot and cold water tanks. Combi boilers are usually compact, take up less space on the wall and are easier to conceal so are not as prominent. This means they are especially suitable for smaller houses where space is at a premium.


Combi systems do not tend to suffer from the airlocks, pressure issues and debris build-up that conventional boilers do, they generally need less maintenance and replacement parts are easy to obtain. Because combi boilers are so popular, it is easy to find experienced combi boiler service engineers such as


Combi boilers are available in a range of sizes, with varying heat outputs and flow rates, so it is possible to choose the right boiler for your requirements. Wherever you are in the country, it will be easy to find the perfect combi boiler for you, for example, in Gloucester boilers are widely available from many reputable companies.

Efficiency and savings

Combi boilers are extremely energy and cost efficient as they only produce heat when required. If you only need a small amount of hot water, it will only heat a small amount of hot water, saving on the energy used and saving you money on fuel bills.