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There are times when a simple DIY fix will solve your minor plumbing problems and save you some money, but at times, the plumbing problem is best left to a professional. When it comes to protecting your home in the long run against all sorts of water damage, delegating your plumbing repairs to a professional plumber is your best option. A professional plumber has all the skills and experience it takes to diagnose a plumbing problem accurately and fix it correctly.

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Safe plumbing service

The number one reason for delegating all your plumbing work to a specialist is for safety. Plumbing work often requires special skills such as knowing where the sewer line is, the plumbing code, the plumbing system, etc. For example, a plumber needs to understand how to safely get to the water lines being replaced without damaging the entire plumbing system. Some plumbing repairs even need city inspections and permits, which a professional plumber can only access.

Prevent avoidable future plumbing problems

Regardless of how small a plumbing problem is, identifying its root cause is the first step a professional plumber takes. For example, if you are experiencing recurrent water leaks from time to time, it means that there is a bigger fixture problem in the plumbing system that needs to be addressed.

Dealing with the root cause of the plumbing problem is necessary to avoid the same issue in the future. Through training and experience, a specialist can know the actual cause of the problem and repair it for good. Furthermore, he/she can advise you on how to avoid the same problem in the future.

Avoid irreversible water damage.

Irreversible water damage to your home is prone to happen, especially when a plumbing repair goes wrong. For example, reusing the supply lines can weaken the threading and cause leaks during the replacement of water shut-off valves and supply lines. A simple repair like a leaking drain line under a sink can deteriorate and cause severe water leakage leading to water damage.

A professional plumber with experience knows which parts to use, how to connect them, and which plumber’s glue or tape is best to keep them leak-free. Therefore it is necessary to deal with a specialist, especially when dealing with pressurized water lines.

Professional equipment and products

Professional plumbers know the best plumbing products to use and have the best plumbing equipment to facilitate repairs. It can be difficult to determine the most suitable plumbing products, such as water heaters, that guarantee you a lasting quality if you are not a plumber. By choosing a professional plumber, they can provide suitable repair options to assure you of quality service.


Another reason why you should only deal with a professional plumber is an extended warranty. Following a professional repair or installation, a licensed plumber can offer you a warranty of service, so you call them at no additional cost if anything turns as unexpected. Some provide preventative maintenance of your plumbing system to help you avoid any plumbing problems in the future.

The bottom line

By choosing a professional plumber to work on your plumbing problems, you are making the necessary efforts to avoid unnecessary plumbing issues in the future.