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What You Should Do Immediately After You Find Your House Flooded

There are many ways that a house can be flooded. The issue can stem from a leaking pipe, a natural disaster, or even a pipe burst. Flood restoration is not simple, but you have to deal with it immediately before it becomes a bigger problem for your house and everything in it. Here is how you should proceed once you have discovered flooding in your home.

Safety First

The first thing you should do after flooding is discovered is shut off the power to the house or flooded area. But be wary of water that may surround the power source. Coming into contact with an electrical box surrounded by water can be dangerous. If you notice water around your power source, be sure to contact an electrician right away. While it is essential to shut off the power as quickly as possible, it is important that it is done safely,

Before entering the home, check for cracks or any structural damage that could lead to falling pieces of ceiling or walls. You should also protect yourself before entering. Waterproof clothing, boots, and rubber gloves are required, as it is possible for diseases to be spread through the water.

Take Photos and Call a Professional

Your flood restoration provider will need visual documentation of damages done to your home and belongings, so be sure to photograph your findings and save the pictures for when you get in touch with your provider. Unless it’s vital for your own protection or to prevent further damage, do not move any objects. Repairs may be paid for by your insurance company depending on the cause of flooding. But if that ends up being the case, your restoration team will provide aid with moving objects.

Water Removal

After getting approval from your insurance provider, it’s time to get rid of the water. If there is a lot of it, you’ll need to eliminate it with a sump pump. If just carpeting and other materials are soaked, you can use a wet vac.

With the standing water gone, go ahead and dry everything out. This is a preventative measure against mold growth. It takes about 48 hours for mold to start developing, so time is limited when it comes to saving your furniture and personal belongings. Dry everything that you want to keep, and do so as quickly as possible.

Once that step is done, it’s safe to turn the electricity back on. You can use fans to dry out the flooding area, walls, and flooring that cannot be removed in order to dry out.

Hire Professionals

Floor restoration is a daunting task to do alone; but with a professional company, you can rest assured that the job will be done well. Flood restoration services help you professionally clean and dry out your belongings, and bring your home back to full form. They also are trained to deal with any extra issues that may come up, such as carpet cleaning and mold removal. If your home has been flooded, reach out to reduce damages to your home and make it safe for you and your family.