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The best of Security Solutions

Standard or partial security solutions do not work. To establish a comprehensive security solution in the hotel requires a risk analysis carried out by experts who will thoroughly study the establishment to offer a tailored solution.

There are multiple factors that must be analyzed to carry out this plan, taking into account both the guests and the hotel employees. This will allow to establish a specific action plan for each case.

During the planning phase, the different accesses to the facility are reviewed and studied to minimize attempted theft, intrusions or acts of vandalism. The security of the outdoor areas is also evaluated to verify if it is necessary to take measures in specific areas such as parking lots, swimming pools or sports areas.

These are just a few examples of the issues that are discussed during this audit. Based on the data obtained, consultants specialized in security for hotel establishments analyze the information.

The final objective is to establish the solutions that will best adapt to that business, with three transversal objectives:

  • Minimize the security risks of the facilities
  • Optimize costs
  • Improve the efficiency of business activity
  • Main Security Solutions in hotels

The first phase to determine the best way to protect a business is precisely Consulting. Depending on the result of the risk analysis, the engineers develop a personalized solution with the most appropriate services, such as face-to-face surveillance, electronic security, fire protection, auxiliary services, etc.


Innovation and the latest technologies must be combined with the efficiency of face-to-face surveillance. Specialized professionals who act as security managers in the assigned place. But this face-to-face surveillance is reinforced with digital tools used in the field, which allow collecting updated data to inform the customer and improve the service.

Electronic security

When it is been talked about electronic security, for example, to the well-known forbel closed circuit television (CCTV) combined with new functionalities such as video analytics based on Artificial Intelligence, people counting, facial recognition, heat maps, access control or intrusion alarms. In the case of sensitive assets and Security Solutions within the hotel, there are specific hardware and software tools that allow to control their security and manage the stock to face the so-called unknown loss.