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Home And Business Protection

Have you or anyone that you know ever had a home break in? If this has ever happened to you, what was stolen, and what would be that real cost of replacing these items? Having a security alarm system, like ADT, would hinder the chances of being a victim to a thief. A initial cost of putting in a security system can cost you $200 to $500. In some cases these security companies do, from time to time, offer free installation. Take advantage of these specials! Along with that there is a monthly monitoring fee of $15 to $60 per month and usually there is a two year contract you have to sign for the monitoring service.

One thing that a home owner, renter, or a business owner must do to protect themselves is to always keep on the look out for strangers or people that do not belong in the neighborhood. Burglars spend time casing houses/businesses and the surrounding areas. They watch your habits like when you leave for work, when you return from work, the time you go to bed, and how often you go out at night. They pay close attention to lights and digital cam recorders that are installed on the exterior of the property. They evaluate their chances of taking contents out of your house. And believe me they are well prepared! You can also be prepared too by taking down serial numbers on high priced electronics, inventorying household content, and locking up valuable jewelry & cash money is another way of protecting your valuables. If you can afford a wall safe, that would be the ideal for protecting cash money and jewelry. If you can not afford a wall safe, the next best thing is to get diversion type of safe. These type of safes are very inexpense, and your valuables can be hidden in “Plain Sight”. A fake electrical wall plug outlet that tips out to store money/jewelry. A Dr. Pepper soda can with a fake bottom that opens to store valuables. Or a flowerpot with a fake bottom that opens up to store your important papers. These are a few of the diversion safes that can be purchased. A lot of homeowners, renters and businessmen have discovered that having a security alarm systems and having security cameras inside & outside of the house or business can lower insurance premiums. This lower insurance price can be very helpful especially if there is a mortgage on the house or business property. Usually mortgage lenders require insurance to be included in the mortgage payment, therefore lower priced insurance will equate out to lower mortgage payments. If you have a digital cam camera system installed on the exterior of your property, two things can happen. A thief could notice the camera system and move on to a less secure property where the pickens are better. If the burglar or thief does break in you have a digital video of the thief. With this the local police or law enforcement will normally have an easier time in apprehending the burglar and possibly get your items back that were stolen. Here are a few digital cams that can be purchased.

When you pay attention to your neighborhood, locking up your valuables, having a security monitoring system in place, having motion sensor lighting installed, and using security vidieo cams, you can keep your property, home, or business secure from burglars.